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The tax rebate proportion of fiberboard and other comprehensive utilization products shall be raised to 90%:

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The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued the announcement on improving the value-added tax policy for comprehensive utilization of resources. China Forest Products Industry Association put forward implementation opinions on promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the industry on the implementation of the spirit of the announcement.

The announcement shows that the scope of comprehensive utilization of resources and products in agricultural and forestry residues and other categories has been further expanded, and the tax rebate proportion of comprehensive utilization products such as fiberboard, particleboard, blockboard, biochar, activated carbon, tannin extract, furfural and box board paper has been increased from 70% to 90%; Biomass crushed materials, biological natural gas, pyrolysis gas and bio oil were included in the catalogue of comprehensive utilization tax rebate products for the first time, with a tax rebate ratio of 100%. At the same time, the standardized operation requirements of enterprises applying for tax rebate were clarified. The announcement shall be implemented as of March 1, 2022.

The association proposed that all branches and member enterprises should promptly convey the adjustment information of the 2022 version of the catalogue to the local financial and tax departments, and implement the adjustment of preferential value-added tax policies for fiberboard, particleboard, blockboard and other products; In combination with the release of the 2022 edition of the catalogue, strengthen the promotion of industrial self-discipline and industrial upgrading, carry out production and operation activities with higher standards, and guide enterprises to take the initiative to assume higher environmental protection, safety and social responsibilities; Pay close attention to the relevant connection work. In addition to the relevant provisions of "technical standards and relevant conditions", it can continue to be implemented until December 31, 2022. If there are updates and replacements in the implementation process, it shall be implemented in accordance with the new national standards and industrial standards. The association explained the matters that had not been handled before, and said that institutions and enterprises can feed back to the expert advisory committee of the association in case of doubt.

The wood-based panel industry takes agricultural and forestry residues as raw materials. Since the implementation of the VAT levy and refund policy in 2001, it has promoted the rapid and healthy development of China's wood-based panel, furniture, flooring and related industries, and the comprehensive utilization rate of wood leads the world.